Myths about hair loss

The reasons for hair loss have still not been conclusively clarified. It is likely that hormonal deficiencies account for increased loss of decorative head hair, but stress and nutrition can also affect the quality of the hair. This ambiguity in the cause is the reason why there are many myths surrounding hair loss.

Many people think that washing hair frequently is a good idea. The hair that is in the drain after a hair wash can definitely precipitate this view, but there is no direct relation between the frequency of hair washing and hair loss. But you must always choose a product that is suitable for your hair type and scalp in order give it optimal care and not let it dry out.
Colouring and tinting don't affect hair loss, as the dye does not penetrate the roots and only the visible hair changes colour. Frequent dyeing can damage the structure of the hair, but once you stop dyeing, the hair grows back with the usual strength again.

However, there is an element of truth in the myth that male hormones are the cause for female hair loss as every woman produces the male hormone testosterone. but it is not over production of the hormone that causes hair loss; the hair follicles react only very slightly to the messenger substance.

The belief that men who often wear hats go bald quicker is an unrelenting one that cannot seem to be quashed. This theory has even been scientifically disproved. Reportedly, the contrary is much more the case: hats have a positive effect on hair as may external influences are kept away from the scalp.

The belief that more hair falls in summer than in winter is partly true though. Many people experience a type of shedding which originates from the time when we had fur all over our bodies. We lose less hair in winter as protection against the cold, but in summer the body sheds more hair. But this is not hair loss.

Last but not least, it is often said that incorrect and unbalanced diets can increase hair loss. This is true. Iron and protein deficiencies have a negative effect, which is why hair falls out quickly when on an unbalanced diet or when doing crash diets for example. If the diet is balanced, the hair stays on the head.


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