A few tips on hair care

Sensible hair care cannot stop hair loss, but treating your hair properly can contribute to not accelerating hair loss and therefore help you keep your hair.

Try to follow these tips in order to reduce additional hair loss:

  1. You should use a shampoo with a neutral pH value of 5.5 which is adapted to your skin type. This does not necessarily mean buying the most expensive on the market. Perfume oils and other additives do not belong in a gentle shampoo.
  2. Use small amounts of shampoo and massage it into the scalp with gentle movements. Unnecessarily large amounts of shampoo tend to strain the scalp. Don’t forget to rinse thoroughly.
  3. The gentlest way for hair to dry is naturally. If this isn’t possible due to time constraints for example, dry the hair with a dry towel taking care to pat or press it over the wet hair downwards. There should be no reason to frantically rub hair dry with a towel as this could make too much hair fall out which could in turn lead to structural damage. In addition, try to set the hairdryer to a reasonable temperature. It’s far better to dry for longer but more gently. Keep sufficient distance between the hairdryer and the head.
  4. Frequent hair washing is not bad as long as you use a mild shampoo and wash and dry the hair carefully. In fact, regular hair care can remove the traces of sebum and dirt from the scalp and therefore lead to better blood circulation.
  5. For brushing, it’s best to use a large brush with rounded bristles. I would avoid wire brushes, as plastic massages the scalp just as well and is much gentler on the scalp.
  6. Wearing tight braids or general pulling should be avoided.


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