Hair loss in women

Of course women can also be affected by hair loss. With the exception of hormonal balance, hair composition is exactly the same in women and men. In general, the causes behind it in both sexes are also the same, but the hair loss process is slightly different in women. However, treatments to prevent hair loss, such as taking amino acids, are the same in men and women.

Spot baldness:

A special form of spot baldness is alopecia areata atrophicans. It particularly affects women aged between 30 and 60 and begins gradually with small hairless spots and red shiny skin. The hair loss is gradual and permanent unlike the re-growth often seen in normal alopecia areata, as this condition completely destroys the hair including the root. For this reason, this must be treated quickly.

Diffuse hair loss:

Diffuse hair loss (diffuse alopecia) is when hair density declines evenly over the whole head. A lot of hair stays in between fingers when running them through the hair. If more than 80-100 hairs fall out every day for several weeks, this can be classed as pathological hair loss. This type of hair loss is very common and occurs more frequently amongst women than men.

Diffuse hair loss can have many causes amongst women, which must be researched in depth. If the hair loss has been experienced for less than 6 months (acute diffuse hair loss), this may be due to febrile infections, operations under full anaesthetic, crash diets or even giving birth.

If the hair loss occurs during a period greater than 6 months, this may generally be caused by acute or chronic infections or stress. It is well known that some drugs can also lead to diffuse hair loss. Diffuse hair loss can also be caused by disorders in the metabolism such as protein malnutrition (or a deficiency in amino acids), vitamin deficiency, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, diabetes and other metabolic disorders. There is not one single method of diagnosis because many factors could be responsible for diffuse hair loss. When any deficiency syndromes are rebalanced, the hair loss generally stops by itself (such as by taking proteins, amino acids, vitamins etc.).


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