Age-related hair loss

Hair loss in old age is due to the same processes as those responsible for falling sexual hormone levels and the decreased production of growth hormones at older ages. After 20 years of age, production of the growth hormone somatotropin decreases. After this time, production of growth hormones reduces by a further 14% every 10 years. On average, it is said that each cell in the body renews itself every 7 years. This can be accompanied by drastic changes in the body. A person’s physiognomy can therefore change over time.

At the age of 60, a loss of 75% of the original amount of growth hormones can often be measured. The oral administration of amino acids (mainly arginine and ornithine) in a suitable combination can re-establish the release of growth hormones. This markedly improves the hair structure as well as the hair growth and hair quality.


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