Milestones in my fight against hair loss

I have been fighting my hair loss for over 13 years now. It has taken me such a long time to find the best way to deal with it, but I guess everyone has to go through this initial learning curve. Those of you reading can probably relate to my story. Here's a general overview of the stages:

1997-2001: The initial signs of hair loss begin to appear. This can be clearly seen in the mirror. Friends and acquaintances notice and comment on it. At this point, the increasing receding hairline can still be hidden quite well by my haircut, but the hair loss is still visible. Not really feeling the pressure or mental strain yet though, so I let it take its course.

2002: Bought some air tonic from my local health shop. Massaged in for a few minutes after every shower. Negative result after several months.

2002-2003: I take high doses of biotin and zinc, but the hair loss continues.

2003-2004: I now also use a special shampoo and a liquid in vials (from the chemist's) which I have to apply after every hair wash. Both products from a well known French cosmetics company. Both products are unsuccessful after more than 6 months, despite high costs. Even taking biotin and zinc does not stop the hair loss. I stop using the products.

2004-2005: Am at my wit's end. I consult dermatologists. Too late actually. Confidence very low. Feel embarrassed even in front of a doctor. They all prescribe me chemical preparations. A homoeopathist listens to my woes as a therapist would. I get some globules, but no success. After some hesitation, I order Propecia from the pharmacy (active agent: finasteride, 1 mg). Not cheap and to be taken every day for life, but worth a try.

2005: The first side effects from using Propecia emerge. I have continually dry eyes. As the year goes on, virility problems also appear. My libido decreases and I also experience erection problems. The hair loss continues unabated. Because the results would only be visible after around one year, I continue taking the drug.

Beginning of 2006: I stop taking Propecia. The hair loss did not stop and the side effects on my sex life were even worse. I’d rather be totally bald than have a life without sex.

Mid 2006: A doctor brings my attention to natural amino acids and their positive effects on the human shedding process. Interestingly, the doctor is not a hair specialist but he advises me to take amino acid supplements. The amino acids l-arginine and l-glutamine play an important role in the hair cycle. After some research, I find a corresponding product with the right formula with the corresponding quality.

End of 2006: My hair loss slows, which I can see in the number of hair between my fingers and down the drain. I attribute this to taking amino acids, as I have not changed anything else in my lifestyle.

Mid-end 2007: For months now, I have been losing much less than 80 hairs per day. This means that the hair loss has stabilised or stopped and that as many hairs grow as those that have fallen out. My general health improves. I have more energy, am better concentrated and can sleep better. This is probably a result of the natural amino acids along with reduced stress levels.

2008: I am still over the moon with the fact that I have got my hair loss under control. I only take 2x1 capsules a day now, as I appreciate the positive side-effects, but at the same time still think that my hair loss would not re-occur if I stopped taking them altogether.

2010: The condition of my hair is still as good as ever. It's just a shame that I didn't start taking the amino acids earlier, as I would surely have been able to save more hair. Still, the way I look now is certainly better than being bald.


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